Artist Residency

Casa Lulu is a month-long artist residency that brings painters, writers, illustrators, filmmakers, designers, tattoo artists, musicians, and creative people from around the world together in one of Mexico City’s most artistic neighborhoods – lending them the space, time, and community they need to finish projects, experiment with new ones, and reignite inspiration. 


Throughout the month, residents live and work in Casa Lulu: the ‘70s art-deco mansion at the heart of the project. With a swirling marble staircase, a sprawling garden in the back, a tattoo studio & disco inside the house, and the serene oasis of Viveros’ Park just steps away, Casa Lulu is the perfect place to focus &n connect, and to explore Mexico City in between. 


This is a self-directed program, with an invitation to exhibit your work at the end of the session. We invite 4 artists into the house each month, each enjoying a private bedroom & bathroom and a dedicated studio space. The program fee includes 6 breakfasts and 3 dinners. There is a communal kitchen to cook other meals and endless restaurants & nearby dining experiences to explore. 


Additional amenities include a meditation room, weekly yoga classes, a complimentary afternoon coffee bar, several co-working spaces, sprawling garden backyard, access to neighboring El Pointe fine paper atelier, and a rotating monthly schedule of conscious experiences & ceremonies hosted by local & global wellness leaders. 

Our comunity

Since 2019, Casa Lulu has operated as a wellness residency and haven for artists & creatives passing through Mexico City. Our in-house tattoo studio hosts over 6 resident tattoo artists at a time and the space is frequently used for local workshops, community events, and artistic gatherings. 

Creative community has always been at the heart of Casa Lulu. We’re excited to launch our first season of our official artist residency and look forward to inviting new artists from around the world into the Casa Lulu community.

Program details